Are You Scared?


Recently I’ve been asked: “Are you scared?” What they mean is, am I scared to sail to Hawaii this summer. To be in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Of course there are risks, I took a whole course on the risks of offshore sailing and how to minimize them, but currently my excitement trumps my fear.

But ask me again: “Are you scared?” This time in relevance to me graduating in less than a months time and eventually having to enter the so called ‘real world’.

Looking out to that ‘unknown’

The fear of the unknown is always a challenging one to approach. In this case, it has become clear to me that I would rather spend 7 weeks on the open ocean transiting from Victoria to Hawaii and back again, than face the reality of being an adult.

Some see this as running away, irresponsible maybe. Or maybe that’s just my guilty conscience chiming in. I view it as an opportunity to challenge myself in a new way and stray away from societal expectation.

But then they ask: “So what are you going to do when you get back?”

I’ll worry about that then;)


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  1. you be fine I am sure. all is in the head 🙂


    1. Thanks for the reassurance! I’ve just got to let it happen!:)

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      1. yes, thats the most difficult part 🙂


  2. Not irresponsible at all! I recently went on a cycle tour in Central America – of a similar length to your sailing trip – on a total whim to celebrate finishing university. I didn’t have the money, and I too was probably just avoiding the reality of being out in the so-called “real world”, but I wouldn’t change a thing. So perhaps our trips were/are irresponsible in the modern social realm where we’re expected to finish school, get a job, and more or less settle down. But I do believe there’s a shift there, where we’re realizing that there exists a natural curiosity and desire to make connections with the greater world (both socially and environmentally), and it’s silly to suppress that. So I say go for it. Every move is a learning opportunity, and things will always fall into place.

    Also, while on my cycle tour my friend and I spent a couple of weeks sailing with a crew of guys who are sailing around the world. I have a feeling you’d enjoy following their journey – you can find them at

    Best of luck as you prepare for your journey, I look forward to following along :).


    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! I think that’s just it, the realization I have no money but accepting the need to get away!

      Your bike trip sounds fantastic! And I will definitely take a look at their blog, I appreciate the link!


  3. dakotag says:

    Chris Istace pointed me your way, and I think what you’re doing is awesome. Don’t worry about what you SHOULD do, or what your fellow students are doing. Follow whatever makes you smile.

    A quote that has stuck with me is this: Pursue poverty in your 20s! It’s like investing in yourself – build connections, skills, and live it up. No one can regret doing that.

    I left the country after college and backpacked around the world for a year, “avoiding” real life. The result was that I couldn’t do the standard work/life setup that most people accept as the path we should follow. So I didn’t, and it sure worked out better for me!

    You might enjoy this post that I wrote last year after 10 years out of college:

    Here’s to a lifetime of adventure!



    1. Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comment! I totally agree with you for following what makes you smile! Love it. I look forward to reading your blog tonight:)


  4. Ed Allen says:

    if i knew then what i know now, i would have just kept running,lol. Embrace all your adventures as another chapter in your book called life, no matter how small they are because they are building you into a wonderful beautiful soul


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