ProjectPacific: Comox to Victoria

The realization that all our hard-work has paid off as we released Fenwick Light from her dock ties and stole one more hug from Jake the dog.

Packed and ready, our Aqua Quest gear is keeping us dry.

We had three days to get down to Victoria where the real goodbyes would commence, to test our newly installed systems, and to remember all the things we have forgotten (where are you sunglasses!?).

Although we dealt with a lot of wind on our nose on Day 1 and Day 3. Day 2 gave us a long run of 30nm of sailing. The wind was extremely inconsistent, but we took advantage of the inconsistency to practice our reefing and to learn how to not panic when we heeled over so much that water was covering the bottom of the sail! Okay, maybe that was just me who screamed, but either way we were please with what we had learned!

Here is  a quick peak into Day 2 of our trip, as we broke a new record of 8.2 knots!

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