ProjectPacific: Day 3

Project Pacific:  Day 3


Day 3:  We said farewell to the last visible mountain poking through a layer of cloud sometime yesterday evening.  We can now look 360 degrees around us and all we see is the big blue ocean.  I know that seems kind of obvious, but it all hit us as we felt small compared to the powerful ocean that surrounds us.  We are now in line with Hood River, OR and it is becoming obvious we are moving south.  The water has become extremely blue, unlike the usual green water we are used to.

Life is simple on the water, although we are becoming more accustomed to the movement of the boat, we haven’t felt comfortable enough to read.  So far no one has become seasick, so we are grateful for that.  The excitement of the day was conversing with a Cargo ship, as we got them to alter their course to avoid the little blue boat bobbing helplessly in from of them.  We have been blasting our way south today and last night with only spells of minimal wind.  We are hoping to beat the high pressure system chasing us, which would mean calm seas and no wind …

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 8.27.19 PM

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