ProjectPacific: Day 4


What was supposed to be a light wind day has turned into a day of chasing down the blue sky that continues to tease us at our bow.  The winds have shifted coming from the west leaving us no choice but to lose the westerly progress we have gained but instead move along south until we catch the trade winds.  Farrell and I have reached a new record of days out at sea!  And for Danielle, every day is a new record.  We are all feeling much more normal as we have read, whipped lines, and worked on sudokus with only a nap or two instead of the four we have taken in previous days.

Today’s highlight included falling off the toilet (along with the toilet seat) as we unexpectedly heeled over.  Perhaps that should be considered a lowlight instead!  Either way, I had a good laugh.

One advantage of night watches is being able to witness the sunrise!  Danielle was lucky enough to watch this morning’s and even let me sleep in some more to enjoy it a little bit longer.  By the looks of the sky right now (grey, grey and grey) we may not get a sunset or sunrise.  But you never know what a couple of hours on the water can do to the weather.

Current wind:  20 kts SSW with gusts to 25kts, double reefed main and a partially furled head sail has slowed us to a comfortable 5 kts.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 5.51.28 PM

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  1. Ed Allen says:

    Sounds like a wonderful experience so far,minus the toilet issue,lol.

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