ProjectPacific: Day 6


Fenwick Light rock and rolled last night averaging 5 – 6 knots, leaving us pleased with our distance but all lacking sleep.  The stars were out shortly before an incredible moonrise.  With each swell Fenwick Light cut through, the water splashed up causing the bioluminescence to sparkle and dance around our hull.

I woke up with a heavy duty cold, which Farrell just finished recovering from, leaving me feeling pretty useless as the two others have been holding down the fort.  I was woken up to the battle cry of Fenwick Light’s crew as they waged war against the gennaker (the large colourful sail).  An hour later we managed to win the war but lost two battles leaving Danielle with a cut up and blistered hand, and all of us with tired bodies from heaving the gennaker up out of the water.  Long story short, we lost control of the sock bag line (twice) which led us to having to gather in the sail onto the deck.

We are all tired and are hoping that our sayes rig (wind steering device) will be able to keep our course overnight without us heading too far west.  Farrell and Danielle have had to hand steer today to keep our direction south to avoid the high that is still west of us.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 7.44.37 PM

Fenwick Light currently almost as south as Redding California.  Now heading on a broad reach west in winds approximately 20 – 25 kts.

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