ProjectPacific: Day 7


Danielle and I have decided that offshore sailing is like being a parent to a new born child:  You can’t sleep more than 4 hours without being woken, she’s constantly gurgling and making noises and every so often she needs changing (the sails that is.)

We’ve spent the day hand steering wing on wing sailing downwind to the south.  Our wind vane steering having trouble with the downwind sailing as it can’t seem to properly correct for the giant cross swells that catch us off guard.  Spirits are higher today after some rest and a more comfortable point of sail.

Distance in 24 hours:  107 nm SSW.  A good day!

Note from Christine:  Tomorrow they open week 2 of the provisions.  I wonder how much of week 1 is left.  Farrell claims he is losing weight.  Maybe I didn’t pack enough cookies!

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 8.07.28 PM

That’s Hawaii in the bottom left corner.

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