ProjectPacific: Day 8


We have completed one full week of sailing!  Our ice box has officially been retired, no more milk, pre-made meals, or greens left for us.  Week 2’s food has been put into the galley and we are excited about this week’s treats.  However, Farrell is a little disappointed that the only cookies are gluten free ones.  The sun has been warming up our solar shower for us today.  My salt encrusted skin and greasy hair was longing to be clean again! 8 days is my new record.  We are now feeling like a million bucks!

We are still crisscrossing our way south during the day by hand and SW on a broad reach by our wind vane at night.  The wind and swell seem to be switching more from the NE now, which is making us eager to head SW for good!  We will wait to hear what Christine (our onshore crew) informs us later tonight.

A note from Christine:  I keep pushing them south during the day to get below the high which would lead to no progress. Thanks to Ted’s work with me today, my confidence is building … just one more day and they may head SW.  It has been a tricky routing getting them there.  Hard to have them trusting my judgement, knowing they are counting on me.  I think I will be booking my flight soon!  How is that for confidence?

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 6.52.44 PM

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  1. Ron Gumbley says:

    Christine, You have done well and exercised very patient and good judgement to keep them ahead of the high. Well Done!
    It is nice to see them have days where they are not fighting against nature and have there spirit lifted. All part of the journey.


    1. Thanks! I knew this part would be hard and as they question me, I question myself. I just spoke with Captain Farrell and the crew is definitely comfortable, feeling more rested, confident and proud of the tough first week they worked through. Perhaps time to book my flight! Christine


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