ProjectPacific: Day 9


Christine’s update:

I wondered when this day would come.  The social media guru, Kayleen, has shifted fully into ocean cruising mode.  She texted me a short while ago to say, ‘I forgot to write a blog post!  I am too busy reading.”  She then listed the three books she has read over three days and described the brownies they had just made on board.  Reluctantly she said I could give you the update as she was busy hand steering on her watch for the evening, so here it is.

They have had another good day on board.  All is well, and the crew is the most rested they have been since their journey began.  I spoke with Farrell a short this evening  and discussed route options over the next 24 hours.  He was certainly feeling good about their progress.  After down loading some weather faxes on the SSB he was better able to understand and feel confident about my course suggestions.  Just one more day and we think they will be in the trades.  That is what they have been working towards.  They  continued all day with some wing on wing sailing which was very comfortable for all on board.  The seas seem more settled with the gentle big ocean swells rather than the cross seas  which had been constantly jostling them.  They are looking forward to me telling them to ‘go for it’ and just head for Hawaii, rather than to keep zig-zagging south.  They are now south of SanFrancisco.  Below their position image, is a screen shot of Windyty – which shows the winds (or no winds) in the area they are travelling.  I thought you would like a glimpse of that as well.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 8.11.11 PM

A peak at the winds!

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 8.11.46 PM

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