ProjectPacific: Day 14


Two weeks at sea!  I am finally getting better at relaxing without feeling guilty about it.  Our days are filled with napping, snacking and reading.  We are starting to get really good at all of those activities.  The sun has started to come out and we were even in shorts and tank tops today.  I sat at the bow for about an hour today, letting my toes dip in the warm seawater as we launched up and down over the following swells.  We hope the sun is out for good now as we just entered the trade winds and are averaging around 5 knots headed straight to Hawaii!  I decided to pull out my ukulele the other day and have started serenading Danielle and Farrell on a daily basis.  I am truly regretting not printing off more than 4 songs.  Bets on how long it will take them to throw the ukulele overboard?

Christine’s note:  106nm in 24 hours – all in the right direction.  Yes!  Life is good.

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 6.48.41 PM

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  1. Ed Allen says:

    who was that Hawaiian ukulele player, i cant think of his name. well everyone should know “somewhere over the rainbow” on Ukulele.


  2. Lyneita Swanson says:

    You’ll fly now you are in the trades. The weather will get warmer, the wind steadier and the sea will turn an amazing sapphire blue if it hasn’t already. I’m envious of the rhythm of your days…. long passages are special. Glad you are all well and enjoying yourselves. Thank you for the updates….we look forward to them.


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