ProjectPacific: Day 15


We were asked yesterday if we are having fun.  The question threw me off.  I should be having fun shouldn’t I?  But my immediate reaction was no.  I mean of course when I’ms sitting on the bow being thrown up and down while singing Celine Dion, that’s fun (don’t judge me!)  But overall, I wouldn’t call this fun, I would call  it an experience and most of all, a challenge.  If I wanted fun I would have just flown to Hawaii, or even stayed home and sailed the local waters on weekends.  In the past few years, I have been yearning for adventure that is bigger than weekend trips on the island.  This has more than satisfied it, if not sparked the desire for more.  As we are now quickly approaching the 1000 nm mark left to Hawaii, I realize the fun is just beginning!

What is your idea of fun?

Christine’s note:  Happy to see a picture today of Farrell, who I am missing beyond imagine.  I have to chuckle because that Tilley he is wearing disappeared overboard in the first week!  Good thing it was near the end of its’ life and he has a spare on board, which I had just purchased the day prior to their departure.  I must have known!

Distance left: 1075nm

Distance covered in 24 hrs.: 97nm

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.06.44 PM

And keeping an eye on the tropical storms …

Tropical storm Agatha, I told you about is not a threat at all, but the next one, Tropical Storm Blas is heating up.  They will be well in port by the time it reaches their area.  This image is its predicted position on Wednesday.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.08.47 PM

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