ProjectPacific: Day 16


It has been an eventful day full of an endless amount of sail changes, a rain squall and a fix on the main sail.  The winds couldn’t make up their minds minds today, which of course got Farrell frustrated and lead us all getting out best work out yet!  Nothing like yanking on some sheet lines in the sun to get a sweat on.

While flopping around at a low point, we noticed a rip in the main sail.  I only poked myself with the massive needle about a dozen times.  I think my handiwork will have made my sister (thread and mom proud!

We officially passed the 1000nm left to Hawaii mark.  These 15-20 knot winds will hopefully blast away our somewhat dismal 100 nm average days we can’t seem to break free of.

Christine’s note:  A few texts today had me chucking in the middle of some school related meetings.  Rather than focusing on plans for the fall, I was imagining Kayleen or Farrell trying to fix that sail.  Usually that’s my job!

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 6.53.12 PM

And keeping an eye on the storms … Hurricane Agatha is now down graded to a tropical depression.  You can just see it here.  The bigger system is Hurricane Blas.  This is Wednesday’s projected position.  All still looking fine for the FWL crew.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 6.55.49 PM


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  1. Ron Gumbley says:

    Good to know some quality skills have been passed on. Kind of important to getting from point A to Point B to have the sails in tack. Well Done!


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