ProjectPacific: Day 17


Me again, still here in the middle of the ocean.  We are slowly making progress. Now that we are under 1000nm (902nm to be exact) left to go to Hawaii, we can’t help but to get frustrated when our sails flap when the wind dies or when we can’t seem to get our course direction to go where we want.  Our conversations have been around the prospect of seeing land and what fresh food tastes like.  Mmmmm grilled pineapple and shaved ice.

We are still making progress and are definitely all learning the lesson of ‘we can only make the best of what we’ve got.’  Whether that’s wind or the lack of showers!  We have really started to notice that we’ve changed the time zones, as it isn’t light until after 7 and dark around 10:30.  We’ve decided to keep our clocks the same as back home, as our sleeping patterns are far from normal anyways.

We are just about to indulge in a movie and some hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps.  Right now, I’m regretting not packing that jiffy pop that I had contemplated bringing.  Perhaps I’ll have some more exciting news for you tomorrow;  however, a movie seems pretty exciting to us at the moment!

Christine’note:  I’ve promised them that the wind is indeed coming and boat speed will pick up in the next few hours!  That will make them happy!

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 6.59.15 PM

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  1. Sue M says:

    Wow, seems like you’ve been making good steady progress from this vantage point. We’ve been enjoying the daily update reports. It’ll be interesting to hear how your food rations work out. Love Chistine’s additional comments as well . Keep up the good work.


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