ProjectPacific: Day 19


A cloud covered the sun and I grip the wheel a little tighter.  The swells that just seconds ago were friendly now look ominous and angry as they charge towards us.  Minutes later I am drenched by a fine rain that is the type that manages to get everything wet.  These squalls have been visiting us on and off in the last 24 hours, but luckily are harmless.

The wind has now steadied leaving us with a gorgeous day and 15 to 20 knot winds that are pushing us along to Hawaii.  We have chosen to hand steer again to obtain as tight a course as possible, due to an unexpected tropical storm due to hit Hawaii by the end of next week.  The pressure is on and we are aiming to arrive on the 13th or 14th a day or so before the storm does!

Christine’s note:  I told them about Celia this morning which has got them concerned but determined.  It is predicted to not cross their path as they transit.  Phew!  I am however, madly researching plans for what to do if it does hit Hawaii when we are in port.   That can be very destructive.   At this point I am thinking we may be opting to head out to sea to avoid it.  I am sure you can imagine that this news was not greeted with much excitement by the crew.  I will keep you posted!

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 6.18.55 PM

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  1. Larissa Lightburn says:

    Eak ! What a cliffhanger …. Outrunning Celia !
    – from your cousin Larissa 🙂


  2. Barb Smith says:

    I’ve been checking out Google map – which island & harbour are you heading for? Nothing more motivating than having a hurricane on your tail – no more books Kayleen – keep your hands on that rudder or is it a wheel??
    Barb Smith


    1. We haven’t made a final decision on this. They will either check in on Maui as planned or I may reroute them to Hilo, Big Island if that seems safer. We have a few days still to make that call.


  3. Beachbums1 says:

    WOW ~ what a fabulous photo! Stay safe ~ it’s been blowing here on the Big Island already.


    1. Thanks! They are still a few days away but we are trying to figure out the safest place to send them. Where on the Big Island are you?


      1. Beachbums1 says:

        We were on the Hilo-side but moved over to Puako. It’s been breezy but no rains here.

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