ProjectPacific: Day 20


After 20 days at sea and only seeing a handful of cargo ships, we were surprised to come across another boat yesterday evening and again when a bright light bobbed along the horizon at 5 in the morning.  We have been accustomed to it just being the three of us;  the occasional Albatross (who we have decided to call Henry), and flying fish who keep us entertained when they crash back into the water.  It is a strange thought to think how big this ocean is and we still manage to almost run into another boat.

590nm left to Hawaii

Christine’s note:  I wish I could share the series of text messages between Kayleen and I that ocurred a few days ago discussing the provisions.  She was trying to find another jar of peanut butter and one of nutella.  I was certain that we had only packed two of each.  She wanted to raid week 4’s rations to see if they were in that hard to reach locker.  It took a bit for us to realize that I had assumed they had eaten two of each. They hadn’t actually found the second!  When I realized that, I advised them to check under one of the bunks as I vaguely recalled splitting one week’s worth of rations into two holds.  Sure enough, they found that second hold today – and the desired jars of peanut butter and hazelnut chocolate amongst other things were located.  No wonder Farrell was questioning what I had stocked for them … they had not opened everything.  A party on board I am sure when they found it!  Phew!

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 8.13.04 PM

Still watching Hurricane Celia which was slightly better positioned today than yesterday’s prediction.  The FWL crew is taking the lead.  That is Celia’s predicted position in one week – July 15th. They should be well in at that point, eating pineapple and fresh veggies!

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 8.14.13 PM

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