After blogging every day on our trip, how do I summarize a week of adventures on an island in one post? I’ll do my best to keep it short.

We landed in Kahului, on the North side of Maui, as the sun was rising. The lush green mountains greeted us in golden light and the hard ground greeted our wobbly legs with much more resistance than we were used to! Christine miraculously found her way to our anchorage and we were extremely happy to see a familiar face upon arrival!

The following days were a whirlwind of island adventures for Danielle and I as we desperately wanted to make the most of Danielle’s week here. First stop the lush rainforest of the Road to Hana. True waterfall chasing, with way too many one way sections of a very windy road for my liking!

One of the many waterfalls of Hana Highway

Farrell and Christine brought Fenwick Light around to the South Island and enjoyed some snorkelling while Danielle and I decided to head into some higher altitude. We backpacked through what seemed like Mars, camped in the Haleakala crater (in a cave!) and made it out with very sore legs. Not knowing what the Maui climate would bring, Danielle and I made the mistake of leaving our gortex on the boat. Turns out $3 ponchos work great!

No gortex doesn’t mean no fun!

Next up is Lahaina, which we were able to get moorage at. The stern tie to the dock made for quite the ordeal to board the boat, but we were happy to not have to use our forever leaking dingy.

From Lahaina we cruised on over to a small crater island, Molokini, which is known for world class snorkelling. We all felt pretty pleased with ourselves as we pulled in towards the island and watched all the tour boats leave. Great timing we thought! Turns out the afternoon winds quickly picked up to 20 knots. I guess the locals know what they are doing. Luckily the wind died and we managed to get half an hour in while Farrell held the boat off the reef.

Finding treasures in Molokini

Next up, Lanai! We will be sad to say goodbye to Danielle this Thursday. Will she be able to survive without being 34ft away from me?

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  1. yoyodreams says:

    Awesome landscapes! That waterfall shot is incredible


    1. Thank you! I’ve been amazed by the contrast between the type of landscapes here!


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