Surviving Darby


Storm Watch turned into Storm Warning and the crew of Fenwick Light quickly packed our bags as the warning to find shelter on land echoed over the VHF radio. It’s not often hurricane’s or tropical storms hit the islands, so it we were unlucky to time our visit with “Darby”! Fortunately Tropical storm “Darby” didn’t effect Maui and our spot in Maalaea harbor as much as expected, but we were glad to be onshore anyways. We even witnessed an amazing sunset the night the storm was supposed to be at it’s worst (above).

After “Darby” cleared up, we left our hotel in Kihea and cruised over to Molokini for a snorkel before heading to the island of Lanai. Here are a few videos that sum up our last week!

Snorkelling outside the Manele Harbor on Lanai with Mr. Turtle:

I dove down to attach to a mooring bouy on Molokini where we snorkelled with an Octopus (seen in video) and a reef shark (not caught on video, we were too busy swimming away!)

I paid a handsome fee for a shuttle up to the Lanai Cat Sanctuary where I was in heaven for 3 hours petting 490 cats!



One Comment Add yours

  1. jen devine says:

    Wonderful update! So glad you’re all safe and having fun! I’m envious about the kitties…


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