Lanai to Oahu: Big City Life


We are now on the island of Oahu after a sleepless overnight passage from Lanai. We gave Christine a taste of offshore cruising and even had to call a tug boat to alter course sometime around midnight, as we were sandwiched between two. Sailing is much more stressful when close to land! 10 days left until we leave paradise and start our trip back to Vancouver Island! The to-do list has started now that we are recovered from our sleepless night passage.

Before leaving Lanai, we enjoyed what could be our last anchorage in Hawaii by snorkelling off the boat and kayaking around the bay. I dove on Fenwick Light to reattach the zincs that were almost completely gone after only a couple months and then got to check out the coral reef nearby with the leftover air.

We finally got our visit from some friendly dolphins, which I think was worth the whole 3000nm to get here for!

And now onto exploring Oahu! I am most excited for ridge hikes and sunrise explorations, while Farrell and Christine will be exploring Pearl Harbor and the local history. Happy (late) BC day to friends and family back home!

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