Project Pacific: Day 2.2


They say the first three days on open ocean are the hardest.  I can definitely agree with that statement.  It’s hard to get used to little sleep, cramped quarters and everything being wet.  Sound miserable?  In ways yes, but for some reason we keep putting ourselves out here.  I kept asking myself today, “Wait, why did I choose to do this?”

We are madly trying to get through our fresh food . By yesterday afternoon the ice had completely melted so  eggs were for breakfast (scrambled, we didn’t have any choice.)  Eggs will probably be for dinner too.  We have 50 to get through.  Next up is bananas.

Fenwick is handling these seas well, despite how wet the decks are.  There is no where to stay dry on this tack and with how chaotic it can feel below when attempting to move from bunk to the head (bathroom) we spend a lot of time on deck.  We are currently averaging around 5.5 knots on a close reach making a northerly course.

Christine’s note:  Here is their current position with their track to Hawaii shown on the right.  I can’t bring myself to zoom out to see how far they have to go, so you will have to wait a few days for that view.  They made 123 nautical miles in 24 hours.  Great speed and distance for this little boat.  The northing is necessary to get them out of the trades that have pushed them west, through the pacific high (no winds) and then into the homeward trade winds.

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 6.04.30 PM


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  1. captainemma1 says:

    you’re making great speed! can’t wait to read more about this journey. yes, it’s difficult and easy to second guess, but we do keep putting ourselves out there in the cold wet blue for a reason! 🙂 safe travels!!!


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