Project Pacific: Day 2.5

vic-hawaii-jul12-1After a slow night of variable winds, we’ve had a much more successful day, even making more of an eastward direction.  We’ve seen two ships today, which means I won the bet on when we would next see another boat!  My prize was the last banana.  I decided to be kind and share it by getting creative in the kitchen.  I put together a raw crust of dates, cashews, and coconut with a filling of avocado, my banana and hot chocolate powder!  Although it looked like poo, I think everyone was pretty pleased with the result.

We found a massive flying fish on our deck today which means bait!  Josh has rigged it up on the lure but no success yet.  I’m still waiting for fish steaks.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 4.50.38 PM


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  1. Lyneita Swanson says:

    The best memories I have of sailing are your next 7 days. At sunset look toward the west, just along the surface of the water and you may be lucky enough to see a glass Japanese fish float…we found two that way, sparkling like prisms of light. Cool that you have Josh with you. Hugs to your Dad. Will be thinking of you….. Lyneita


    1. They are now on the glass float hunt! Christine


  2. Sue Bannister says:

    Thoughts for your next bet: who will spot the next sea going mammal (excluding yourselves of course!)? Winner is served up a gourmet-ish meal with whatever fixin’s are available.

    So happy to read your posts everyday! Hope you are feeling our exuberance and know that we are wiling the winds to take you east!

    ps – Josh is pretty modest about his cooking skills…has he been the ‘galley guy’ yet?


    1. The challenge was passed on to them. Christine


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