Project Pacific: Day 2.12


Remember when I said I liked falling asleep to the purring engine?  I take it all back.  Yesterday’s headache was enough for me to ask our crew, Josh, to write a guest post (thanks Josh!)  We are now happy to be sailing again, running at a broad reach averaging 5 knots, sans headache.

Before we left, we followed a family who did this trip to Hawaii and back a few months before us.  While reading their Facebook updates, I was always confused why they mentioned food so much.  2 weeks in and I know exactly why.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all consuming processes throughout the day, never leaving the mind (especially Josh’s).  How do we make our day more interesting?  Definitely with food!  So forgive me if you read an update and are thinking ‘I don’t care what you ate for dinner Kayleen.’  I am starting to get better at making something out of nothing.  And by nothing I mean canned food.

We are currently enjoying a sunny day, a few games of crazy eights and a shower!  Tomorrow marks the half way point.  We are all excited to get over the mental hurdle and to begin the final countdown!

Christine’s note:  I just got off the sat phone with Farrell.  They are in great spirits – getting ready to introduce Josh to ‘A Knight’s Tale’ with movie night.  Too full from dinner to get out the jiffy pop and by the sounds of it have barely started on week two’s canned food.  So they have lots of ‘nothing’ left which makes me,  the provisioner feel good.  Given that today is Day 12 – that is great!

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 9.22.22 PM

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  1. Ive watched “A Knights Tale” many times and they should have a good laugh to rest their minds a little while under the constant focus of being at sea.

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    1. Hi there! I passed your comment to K. She says they thoroughly enjoyed it but the mystery of the empty beer took their focus! Christine

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