Project Pacific: Day 2.13


We’ve reached halfway!  The sun is out, we’ve done our daily push-ups (plus some), and we’ve made great distance in the last 24 hours;  we are feeling good.

Our planned celebration was of course to involve some beer, it’s been hiding in the bilge out of temptation for this special occasion.  But it was to our terror that we found some of the cans empty.  As I have been indulging in murder mysteries on my night watches, it is only fitting that I use my sleuthing skills to crack this devastating case.

Theory 1:  Our small Hawaiian stowaways (aka the cockroaches) are wrecking havoc and have been partying it up in the bilge.

Theory 2:  Josh’s love for beer has caused him to shift his morals and he has been secretly quenching his thirst for a brew while Farrell and I are deep in slumber.

Theory 3:  Farrell thinks his status as Captain gives him the ultimate right to double his liquor rations, but doesn’t want to admit it in fear of mutiny.

Theory 4.  Obviously I am innocent despite my recent headaches; however, a good detective must not rule out any possible lead.

Theory 5:  The seawater has corroded the cans, leaving nothing but a hollow can and crushed dreams.

I must go and test the remainder of the beer, to help determine if my theories are correct of course.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 6.40.44 PM

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  1. Lyneita Swanson says:

    So glad you are having a great trip! Too bad about the beer – at least there was some left!

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