Project Pacific: Day 2.15

blog7-10As Josh cut off the dark bits of the meat, the filet of fish twitched in his hand.  Minutes later, seared in coconut oil, we feasted on the best tuna I’ve ever tasted.  After days of pasta, canned soup and oatmeal, the fish was everything we could ask for (although some consistent wind would be nice too.)  We enjoyed the company of Henry, the albatross, who followed us closely for an hour after we brought in Mr. Tuna, hoping he would get lucky too.  Josh managed to filet the fish while it dangled overboard, meaning our cockpit isn’t covered in blood like it was with Mr. Dorado.  Always a bonus!

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 9.02.51 PM

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  1. Beris Hughes says:

    Hi Kayleen, really enjoying your adventures. It definitely takes a special kinda person of which u r one.
    So happy to track u n see u r on the homeward stretch. Enjoy your fresh seafood. Hi Farrell, don’t want to ignore u. What a guy. Living so many people’s dream. I’m off on a Panama cruise in Jan. Ship will be a little bigger of course. Safe journey back to Canada. Luv B Xx


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