Project Pacific: Day 2.20


My favourite time of day on the ocean is in the morning.  Everyone else is asleep; it’s just my coffee, the sunrise, and me.  This morning was even more magical than most, as we had special guests who joined us on our transit.  A fin burst out of the water off our stern, as I was looking out for the freighter a few nautical miles behind us.  Was I seeing things?  Perhaps it’s just the chop on the waves.  The fin looked like an orca’s but would orca be over 400 nm from the coast?  I yelled out to the others, as we have a rule that if there’s something exciting we can wake each other.  For the next half an hour, three sleek giants lumbered along beside us, startling us with each poof of exhale as they broke the surface.  I’m not sure what type of whales they are, fin or minke perhaps?  But we were honoured to be considered part of their pod as we cut through the waves with them regardless.  Maybe they they thought we were one of them?

Christine’s note:  It was fun to get Kay’s excited text about the whale sightings today.  Even more exciting for me to starting teasing them about their wish list of food I am to bring with me when I meet them at the dock.  Any guesses?

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 6.07.51 PM

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