Project Pacific: Day 2.21


The closer we get to land the more loco we get.  21 days with three people on 34 feet of boat …Muy Loco.  We can only read so many books, master so many sudokus, and play so many games of crazy eights before the monotony of it all has gone to our heads.  So instead we let our imaginations take over, we let our six year old selves take the helm.  Here’s some of the craziness that has ensued over the past couple of weeks and is quickly becoming the norm:

  • I have rekindled my love for opera singing, much to the joy of the other crew
  • Josh has accidentally tied himself to the boom while attempting to reef the main (stay tuned for video footage proof)
  • we have been planning what we are going to dress Mr. Says in for the party once we are back

Amongst other things!  288nm until Cape Scott, where will be rounding it to continue homeward!

Christine’s note:  Still keeping an eye on the weather and am so grateful that I am not worrying about the systems hitting Hawaii right now.  Phew … they are almost home and my weather watch is almost over.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 6.55.00 PM

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  1. Sue Bannister says:

    I SO love following this blog! I’m laughing and imagining Fine Ridiculousness as you all broad reach towards VI whist also finding creative ways to stave off boredom! Can’t wait till we see FWL and her crew round into Comox! Go crew GO!


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