Project Pacific: Day 2.22


We are currently 150nm from land, with no sight of it yet (hopefully by tomorrow evening!); however we did see bull kelp!  Most people who spot a piece of bull kelp drifting through the water wouldn’t bat an eye, but this was a good excuse as any to jump up and down in excitement, as far as I am concerned.  I yelled out KELP! before quickly realizing Farrell, who was napping, may think I am yelling HELP.

We had an exciting night of flying along on a beam reach reaching up to 7-8 knots.  It feels good to be moving quickly as we race towards the finish line.   We are about to feast o our last tuna of the trip, nothing like fresh fish tacos!

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 12.14.31 AM

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