A New Adventure: #SPRAY


If you told me 10 years ago that I would turn into my parents, I would have laughed. Although my years of spending summers exploring the seemingly endless bays, fjords, and waterways of BC’s coast, shaped me, my high heels and nail polish at the time would suggest otherwise.

I’ve been through all the phases: Teacher’s Pet, Girly-Girl, Jock, Yogi, Mountain Climber, and now I seemed to have settled into a younger version of my parents. I really shouldn’t be surprised; it’s inevitable.

After crossing the Pacific and back with my dad in 2016 (see previous blogs, #ProjectPacific), I felt as though I was missing something. Enter boat #1, a 30ft. NorthStar 1000. I poured my heart (and bank account) into Sula over the summer of 2016, but my dream of the South Pacific somehow didn’t feel any closer.

I started searching the inter-webs, researching what makes an offshore boat and why Sula isn’t the one to take me on this wild journey. I know, I probably should have done that research before I bought the boat (hmm, sounds like something my parents would do). In this search, I found a Jason 35 who called my name. Enter boat #2: Spray (previously named Aislyn).

I somehow managed to sell Sula in 4 days and somehow convinced the bank to give me money. Already, the romanticized turquoise waters and palm trees of the South Pacific felt that much closer.

In the midst of my attempt to learn how to be a diesel mechanic and be responsible for more than just myself, I fell in love. No love story is simple and ours definitely falls into the more complicated category. In fact, we fell in love in a hospital bed.

After a life-altering skydiving accident (yes, the parachute did open), Tyler found himself on the road to recovery as a real life pirate! Thank goodness prosthetics have advanced since the days of pirating.

So here we are, a girl, a pirate, a sailboat, and I can’t forget Kirra, a dog! I’ll be posting progress updates on YouTube, this blog, and my Instagram (@fromsnowtosail), if you would like to follow along this crazy journey of a dream I just can’t shake. I guess turning into my parents isn’t so bad after all 😉

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tina vdr says:

    I love it! Ur zest for life. Following your heart is priceless and not too many people do it. Your Mom and Dad are fantastic people…turning into them…not a bad thing. I wish you…and your man best wishes in what comes in the future.


    1. Thanks so much Tina! And I agree, not a bad thing at all! I just like to tease them about it;) Thanks for reading:)


  2. Barb Smith says:

    I laughed at your opening sentence – sailings definately in your DNA!! Look forward to following you & your pirate Tyler adventures on Spray! Safe & Happy Sailing ⛵️


  3. Kate Thut says:

    Oh, Kayleen! I was witness to the teetering, high heel phase when we went to Mama Mia on Broadway. You contain multitudes and I can’t wait to follow your adventures across geography and life stages. Love matters most of all and I’m glad you have found it. xxoo Kate


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