A Local’s Guide of Campbell River and Beyond by Sailboat

Tyler and I have spent 2020 exploring close to home (thanks to COVID). We recently moved to Campbell River, situated on the edge of Desolation Sound, and have been loving how convenient wilderness anchorages are. A few hours by motor or sail have us in remote anchorages with no one else around. Here are a few that have stood out to us as favourites in 2020:

Princess Louisa Inlet

I think Princess Louisa Inlet makes it to most sailors’ bucket list. This year four other female snowboarders and I headed up to the southern most fjord in search of snow in March. It took us 2 nights / 3 days on the way and 1 night / 2 days on return to Campbell River.

Breton Islands

Quadra Island is best known to cruisers for popular spots such as Rebecca Spit. But for those who are searching for a bit more adventure, just north of the popular anchorage lays the Breton Islands: A boat access climbing crag. It took us approximately 2-2.5 hours from Campbell River.

Mansons Landing, Cortes Island

Mansons Landing has a lit bit of everything for any cruiser. A good anchorage, an eclectic island community, a sandy beach, and a lagoon to explore by dinghy. Approximately 2-3 hours from Campbell River.

Village Bay, Quadra Island

Another lesser known spot on Quadra Island that provided a quiet anchorage, amazing star watching and a good swimming lake to cool down! Approximately 3 hours from Campbell River.

Maud Island

Situated at the south end of Seymour Narrows, Maud Island is a safe haven for cruisers waiting for slack tide. Or, like us, a quick day trip from Campbell River. We had an incredible day walking up to the view point over the narrows, exploring the lagoon, and we even spotted an octopus along the shoreline! Approximately an hour from Campbell River.

Where have we missed? What places should we add to the list for 2021?

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