Christmas Gift Guide for Sailors in the Pacific Northwest 2020

Electric Lighter

One of my most used items as a liveaboard is my electric rechargeable lighter. I got this as a gift for Christmas last year and have been surprised by how useful this item is. The rechargeable feature means less plastic lighters washing up on beaches.

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

When living aboard, what we put down the drain goes directly into the ocean and we can see it! It makes you more aware of what type of products you are using. I was so pleased to find Green Room Body Co. this year, as they make shampoo and conditioner bars that actually work on my insanely thick hair and are a local Vancouver Island company!

P.S. If you’ve tried Lush bars before, these work wayyy better.

Travel Mug

When cruising it’s pretty common to find either a hot coffee or a cold beverage (most likely alcoholic) near by. I’ve tried Yeti and Costco, and end up with spilt coffee all over my sheet lines or disappointed that my coffee has gone cold. I finally got a Stanley travel mug this year and have been super impressed! The Trigger Action mug is great, as it fits in drink holders. Where as the Tough to Tip Admiral Mug is great for sailing with its wide base and rubber bottom.


I have a drybag in every corner of my life and literally use them everyday! I love the Aquaquest ones because they are supple, durable, and affordable. Plus, they are another local Vancouver Island company!

The Seaview Drybags have a clear port so you can see what’s inside your bags. Great for a grab bag or while commuting in your dinghy.

The Rogue comes in 60L or 100L and is a super useful size for lugging laundry around!

Neck Warmer / Face Protector

Although slightly goofy looking, Airhole facemasks are incredibly practical while cruising. This is one product I was surprised how much I reached for this past year. The neck warmer /face cover in the spring/fall/winter and the bucket hat/neck cover in the summer!

Synthetic Vest

Living on the water is always a little bit cooler. I find even in the summer I am reaching for a vest to keep my core warm. My go to is a synthetic layer, as it is breathable and durable. A favourite is the Helly Hansen Crew Insulator Vest.

Auto Inflate Lifejacket

The Mustang Survival HIT Lifejacket is the gold standard of safety, design and durability. I like this model because of the D rings that allow you to not have to wear a separate harness to clip into jacklines or other safety points along the boat. (photo by Abby Cooper)

Foul Weather Jacket

I spent years trying to make my Gortex ski jacket work, but finally gave in to the way of the Foul Weather Jacket. Before that, I was making a 15 year old West Marine jacket work. It wasn’t until this year I realized that a good jacket made sailing that much more fun – no matter the weather! I love the Helly Hansen Skagen Offshore Jacket for it’s large collar, large fleece-lined pockets, waterproofness, and wrist cuffs.

Note: This blog contains affiliate links, which just means I get a small portion of any sales. Your clicks support our sailing dreams – thank you!

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