5 Reasons Why Vancouver Island Has the Best Sunrises


I’ve always been more of a morning person rather than a night owl. It’s something about the peace of morning and the sense of beginning rather than an end. So it’s not a surprise that I have a thing for sunrises!

I recently wrote a blog for Live Out There on why I think Vancouver Island has the best sunrises, check it out here.

Where is your favourite place to watch the sun come up?

7 Amazing Multi Day Hikes of Vancouver Island


Mountains or Ocean? The benefit of living on Vancouver Island, is that you don’t have to decide! In my grade 11 year I was introduced to backpacking by signing up for a weekend up Mount Albert Edward. Years later I have re-found my love for backpacking have covered some serious ground – from coastal trails to mountain peaks.

I recently wrote an article for Live Out There with some of my favourites. Find them here.

What are yours? I’m always looking for new hikes on this beautiful island.

From Heels to Hiking Boots


Smeared makeup, aching feet, pounding headache… Sound familiar? Those were all part of a common weekend for me. I was tired of waking up with a feeling of regret, not to mention wondering where my phone and wallet was, so I decided to do something about it. I hit up the Outdoors. Have you heard of it? Better yet, are you on the guest list?
Oh wait; there is no guest list. Here’s why you should ditch the usual spot and hit up the hottest club right now: The Outdoors. Read the full blog at LiveOutThere.