Meet the Crew

Farrell – Captain


Prior Experience: Vancouver Island to Mexico, Circumnavigate Vancouver Island x2, Comox to Haida Gwaii and return

Bio: Not everyone has a need to get up close and personal with the Pacific for weeks on end; for Farrell it has been a goal of his ever since reading of the adventures of the S/V Dove and it’s teenage skipper Robin Lee Graham. Four decades later, Farrell’s early teen dream are reigniting. Careers, family and other important life tasks can finally be set aside, because now is the time to make it happen! His daughter Kayleen has finished formal schooling and looking for a suitable exploit to mark a new stage in her life, which has rekindled similar scheming he used to do a lot of. So with her enthusiasm and a well found vessel, Fenwick Light, how could he not take on this exciting adventure?  Farrell’s specialty in this expedition is literally the ‘nuts and bolts’, while his wife Christine has become the expedition coordinator.

Kayleen – First Mate


Prior Experience: Vancouver Island to Mexico, Circumnavigate Vancouver Island x2

Bio: Adventure loving and always looking for the next challenge, Kayleen has recently finished six years of her under-grad and is ready to run away before entering the ‘real world’. She is hoping to one day sail around the South Pacific, so is grateful for this opportunity to get a better taste of offshore sailing. Kayleen will be sailing both legs of the trip.

Danielle – Crew


Prior Experience: A few inner coast trips, but is eager to learn!

Bio: Although Danielle is lacking on hands on experience, she makes up for it in eagerness to learn and her desire to be part of the expedition. Danielle once told Kayleen that she wanted to live-aboard a boat one day for six to eight months. It’s all about turning dreams into reality! Danielle will be sailing from Victoria to Hawaii before leaving Fenwick Light and the others to return to work in Victoria.

Christine – Expedition Coordinator


Bio: Christine is the caffeine that keeps everyone awake. From boat prep (sail repairs, painting bulkheads, and custom making cushions) to onshore trip navigation, Christine is an essential part of the team. Christine will be taking care of Jake the dog, and Bolt and Keel the cats, while Fenwick Light is gone and will be meeting the crew in Hawaii for the best part!